Funny stuff

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  • For the birds (Pixar movie) (50,7 MB)
  • Rytmeboks i køkkenet?
  • Skruen der holder Jylland fast
  • Irriterende kolleger (602kB)
  • Watch that ball (838kB)
  • Scating is not always safe (1248kB)
  • Same goes for biking (402kB)
  • When living in celibacy (1648kB)
  • Better than Bud (590kB)
  • Is she a blonde? (576kB)
  • A sucker at soccer (571kB)
  • Quite a friend (662kB)
  • Watch out for that leg (1443kB)
  • Timbeeeeer (908kB)
  • A curious chimpanzee (373kB)
  • A true talent is born (350kB)
  • Second thoughts? (1586kB)
  • Ældre par ved morgenkaffen

    [2. okt. 2007]